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Welcome to Carindale Property Management 

Carindale Property Management offers property management, leasing, and real estate sales in Carindale.

Our experienced property professionals are ready to help you buy, sell, rent or manage your property.

Carindale property management

Whether you are interested in buying, selling, leasing or property management our agency has a wide range of houses and apartments for lease. We specialise in all areas of Carindale Property Management. Please contact us for an honest, fresh and energetic approach to real estate.

  • We offer the best service when it comes to Carindale Property Management. Proven customer satisfaction and a rapidly growing portfolio is a reflection of our dedication to our clients.
  • We operate with integrity and honesty. We are committed to reliable service, ensuring you are not left out of the loop with any matters concerning your property. Our unique online portal allows complete access to invoices, documents, and reports.
  • We are so confident in our dedication to service that we will back it up with our Service Guarantee: If at any time, we do not deliver to you the Standard of Service we promise, we will manage your property for the next 3 months for FREE.

Carindale Rental Property

Carindale clients enjoy peace of mind while a dedicated and skilled property manager oversees your investment.

The added convenience of this personalised service not only provides a single point of contact but also a manager who works consciously to provide quality, personal service and the highest standard of professional advice, to ensure your interests are best protected.

While many investors spend a great deal of time and effort carefully researching the property market to find the top investment, they frequently ignore the role that a professional property manager plays in preserving the property’s capital value and maximizing its financial income.


In fact, many new investors fail to recognise the significance of the relationship with their property manager, as an ongoing business partnership.

No longer is Carindale property management simply about finding a tenant. Today your property has become subject to countless pages of legislation for which compliance is mandatory. Failure to adhere could be catastrophic.

Let us guide you.

Carindale Property Management

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